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X343F4 PTFE Lined Plug Valve


  • Port size:DN15-DN600
  • Pressure:Class 150,PN10,PN16
  • Medium:Corrosive service
  • Temperature :-29~180℃
  • Body material:WCB, CF8,CF8M Lined PTFE,etc.
  • Description:China PTFE Lined Plug Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier
China PTFE Lined Plug Valve Manufacturer, factory and supplier. X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve is the plug valve that have the internal part covered with PTFE material. Due to the use of this PTFE material the valve becomes very resistant to corrosion as well as being able to withstand high pressure and high temperature. This type of valve is in the category of quarter-turn valves. X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve is operated using a handle or by use of actuators such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric actuators. FEP lined plug valve manufacturers design this valve for on and off applications as well as throttling fluid flow. However, for throttling, this valve results in a lot of pressure drop and thus it should only be used if the piping system has very low-pressure drop. 

The areas of applications of X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve include pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, chemical processing, sewage treatment, water supply, and petrochemicals among others. The advantages of using this valve are resistance to corrosion, fast operation, low initial cost, low-pressure drop, low maintenance, easy installation, cleaning and repair, and zero leakage. 

X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve manufacturer produces this plug valve to operate using a handwheel/hand lever or by using actuators. X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve is in the class of quarter turn valves. This means that the valve needs a quarter turn of the handle or actuator and then it will either start or stop depending on the direction of rotation. This characteristic makes this plug valve very fast and simple to operate. X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve can be used in various applications such as foods, oil and gas, water supply, and chemical processing among others. 

X343F4 PTFE Lined plug valve specification:
Size Range : DN15 to DN300, NPS 1/2 to NPS 12
Class Range : PN10 PN16,150LB
Design Standard : API6D / API599 or Others
Face To Face Standard: ASME B16.10 or Others
Flange End Standard:ASME B 16.5 or Others
Body Material: WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M
Lining Material: PTFE , PFA , PO ,FEP
End Connection : Double Flanged RF
Operation  : Lever / Handwheel / Pneumatic / Electrical
Temperature Range : -40°C to +180°C
Pressure Testing : API 598 / API 6D / EN 12266-1/ISO 5208

X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve


PTFE X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve application

1. X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve is used in chemical processing plants. 
2. They are used in the manufacturing of fertilizers. 
3. X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve is used in food and beverage processing plants. 
4. They are used in water supply and waste water treatment. 
5. They are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. 
6.X343F4 PTFE lined plug valve is used in fluid diversion and mixing. 
7. They are used in petrochemical industries.