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Metal seat lifting plug valve


  • Port size:1/2"~16" (DN15~DN400)
  • Pressure:CL150-CL2500
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc.
  • Description:Lift plug valve,lifting plug valve manufacturer,factory and supplier for metal seat lifting type plug valve with different material from CL150 to CL2500.
Metal seat lifting plug valve introduction
Metal seat lifting plug valve is developing a new type of plug valve is faster in recent years, it is the first increase after the opening and closing of the valve operating mode, greatly reducing the plug valve opening and closing torque, but also different from the traditional plug with rectangular channel, Metal seat lifting plug valve can be used for high temperature and high pressure conditions, greatly extend the application range of the cock.

Metal seat lifting plug valve structure feature
1.When Metal seat lifting plug valve open and close, first lift the plug, make the plug and seat seal face from each other, and then 90° rotate the cock, make the valve open or close.Because the Metal seat lifting plug valve in the opening and closing process of the plug and the seat from, so the valve is very easy to open and close, and the sealing surface in the opening or closing process is not easy to scratch, long service life of the plug valve.
2.No matter whether Metal seat lifting plug valve is in the open state or closed state, the sealing surface is protected from media erosion, tight and reliable seal.
3.Ordinary plug valve use rectangular flow, and the flow area is reduced, there is a greater fluid resistance loss, and metal seatl lifting plug valve use the same cross-sectional area of the circular channel, fluid resistance is the least.
4.Metal seat lifting plug valve is compact structure, small volume, compared with gate valve, the height and size of the valve greatly reduced, compared with the globe valve, fluid resistance greatly reduced.
5.Compared with the ordinary plug valve, Metal seat lifting plug valve applicable pressure and temperature range is larger.
6. Metal seat lifting plug valve seat sealing surface can be sealed on both sides, the installation and use of the valve is not limited by the flow of media.
7.Metal seat lifting plug valve close, Which can be through the hand wheel and stem of the seat sealing surface pressure, by increasing the sealing pressure, can make the plug valve has better sealing performance.
8. Metal seat lifting plug valve seat sealing surface convex, easy to clean the sealing surface, sealing surface is not easy to deposit crystal media or solid particles.

Metal seat lifting plug valve Technical Specification:
Design & manufacturer API599, API6D
Nominal diameter 1/2'' ~ 16''( 15mm ~ 400mm)
Pressure class Class 150 ~ Class 900
Length of face to face ASME B16.10
Flange end ASME B16.5
Test & inspection API598, API6D
Operation model Handle wheel, worm gear, pneumatic and electric actuated

Metal seat lifting plug valve parts material:
Body : WCB, LCB,LCC,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M or other material
Bonnet : WCB, LCB,LCC,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M or other material
Stem : F6a,F22, F304,F316, F321
Plug : F6a,F22, F304,F316, F321

Metal seat lifting plug valve structure:
Metal seat lifting plug valve structure